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Top tips on saving money when sending your parcels with

It is remarkably easy to overspend in life and we are all guilty of splurging a little too much here and there. There are so many ways that we are marketed to nowadays. You cannot go ten minutes without seeing an advert for something, somewhere. We live in a world fuelled by plastic and cash. Though there are ways of saving money on life’s necessities if you are savvy about it. Price comparison websites are the best way to check and compare the areas that you could save money. From banking to postage, you may be surprised at the price comparison services available out there. Here are a few top ways to save money in your every day life:


Bank tend to charge lots of fees at very short notice. They control your money and have lots of power over what they are allowed to do. But that does not mean you’ve got to put up with it. You could consider going to a credit union instead to avoid many of the fees that banks make you pay. One of the many ways that people get stung with banks is when they travel abroad. You can get charged for any transaction that you make whilst out of the country. If you travel abroad often, make sure you use credit cards without foreign transaction fees, otherwise you’ll be paying an extra 3% to 5% on all your purchases.

Bills and energy
You should be checking your energy suppliers rate regularly. It might be of benefit to you to Switch energy suppliers if you can. Households could save up to £405 if they switch energy suppliers, but millions don’t. Using a price comparison tool online is both simple and easy, yet many neglect doing it. This task could potentially save you hundreds of pounds a year, all for the sake of a couple of minutes of your time.

& Finally postage!

Postage is a necessity in life and especially in business. Some of us mindlessly go to the post office without thinking about the prices. However, there are options available to you in terms of postage. Private parcel companies are often much cheaper than the standard post office. Therefore sometimes it can really be of benefit to shop around before you post your parcel. The easiest way to do this is to use a parcel comparison website like This innovative system means that you can compare quotes from different companies. All you need to enter is the parcel location, destination and the dimensions of it too. A whole list of options will then be displayed and you can book the parcel collection in, simply and easily. You may be surprised at just how much money you can save on postage with a parcel comparison website.

Why not try it yourself at You may be surprised at the results that you get and how much money you can actually save.


How SME businesses can avoid being ripped off on their parcel costs?

When running a SME business, you can sometimes overlook the small costs that your business will incur. One of the most commonly overlooked spends that you may forget to monitor is your postage costs. Most SME’s spend a hefty amount on postage and a small overpayment here and there can really add up over time. Yet is there anything that can really be done to prevent this? Or is paying over-the-odds for parcels just something that an SME business owner has to put up with? Well creates a new and innovative solution to many gripes about parcel costs. Let us explain more.

How are parcel costs usually measured?

Parcels are usually priced on three factors. Their size, weight and where they need to be delivered to. Unfortunately there is no standard measurement determined across private companies. Therefore the rate you are charged to send a parcel can vary greatly from company to company. One private company could seem cheap for certain deliveries, yet the price may jump if you request another size or weight.

Why does this matter?

This is important because it means it is very hard to invigilate where you could be spending extra, unnecessary money on sending your parcels. For some sizes of parcel you could be getting the cheapest option but not for all.

What are the options?

It would take hours to get individual quotes on different sizes and locations from a variety of companies. Logging on each website individually and adding the details would be a huge waste of time.

 How can you get the best from your postage options?

The easiest and most simple way to make sure you are getting the best out of your postage is with This service compares a huge variety of postal services to make sure you are getting the very best deal on your parcels. It is so simple to use too, just input your parcel location, delivery location, and the dimensions of your parcel too. Then you will be able to look through the parcel quotes that are provided. As the name suggests, the service covers not just the UK, but the rest of Europe too. Perfect for SME’s that handle a variety of International orders.

What are the benefits of using this service instead?

 Quick and easy way to compare parcel costs.

  • See the full variety of postage varieties available.
  • Tailored prices to each individual parcel.
  • Save time as you do not have to shop around.
  • Arrange pick up with companies that are available now.
  • One stop shop solution for all your postage needs.
  • Most importantly, save money on all of your parcels that you send in Europe.

Why not try it for yourself? Log on to to test your first parcel quote. You many be surprised at the results that you receive for your business parcels.

Are SME businesses missing out of huge savings by not working with a parcel comparison site like

If you run an SME business you will realize the importance of cutting costs where you can. Profits can easily be swallowed up by the small things such as advertising, stationary and postage too. In fact, being savvy over the smaller stuff can mean the difference between business success and failure. This is why so many companies can miss out on easy savings and lose money without even realizing. In the case of postage costs, this is easily preventable with a little insider knowledge and using a parcel comparison service.

Why do SME businesses miss out?

Many owners of SME businesses do not realize just how much they can save on their postage costs. Of course, whilst running a business, there are many other things you need to consider. Sometimes postage costs do not top the list of priorities. Therefore it is easy to overlook the amount of money that could be saved. That is why many business owners like to see a clear indication of cost right in front of them. A parcel comparison website can make it completely clear on just how much money they can save. Making it easy and simple to change the way your SME business handles postage.

What type of businesses could benefit from

The types of businesses that could benefit from using a parcel comparison site is absolutely endless. Of course, those that post on a regular basis are the ones that would benefit the most. If your own an ecommerce business that posts all over Europe, a parcel comparison website would be of most interest to you.

Do not stick with the same companies

Unfortunately familiarity is sometimes the easiest option. It is definitely simpler for those who do not know, to stick with the same postage company. This is because you are familiar with the costs and service too. However by not looking into the costs of other postage services, you may be wasting a lot of money. This is why it really is worth looking into a reputable postage comparison website to double check that you aren’t throwing your businesses cash away.

What is the solution?

The solution is to use a recommended parcel comparison site such as This service is so simple that there really is no excuse! All you have to do is put in where the parcel needs to be collected, where it is to be delivered and the dimensions too. A list of certified, trusted parcel companies will then be listed. Only companies that are able to collect your parcel ASAP will be displayed. You can then simply pick the cheapest, or preferred service from the list. You can book just one parcel or multiple depending on your needs.

Why not try it yourself?

Get started by visiting the homepage to check the price of your first parcel. We bet you will surprised at the results.