Cover for your Parcel

Covering the value of your parcel is very important. We offer a standard £25.00 worth of free cover for all bookings made through our website.

It is important that the cover is purchased at the time of booking as you will not be able to add this after the labels have been produced with some exceptions. If you are in this situation please contact us.

Cover depends on the value of your item. Please check our list of prohibited items as we will not cover these and if cover is purchased will not refund any charges taken.

You cannot part cover your shipment, for example if your item is worth £250 you cannot cover nor claim for £100 of the value.

Make sure you declare and describe your shipment as accurately as possible, if unsure please contact us.

Claiming with us is very simple, you should always first contact our customer services to allow us to investigate your claim. If we are unable to come to a solution we will advise you then to make a claim via our “make a claim” page.

We aim to resolve all claims within 5 working days with payment made within 28 days.