Free £100 European Parcel Cover Offer

We at are always looking at ways to create extra value for our customers.
We’re the only UK website to offer this amazing coverage for your parcel free of charge. This is a saving of £12. Free £100 Parcel Cover only at

Simply book your parcel with DHL using our website and we will cover any losses or damage up to £100 for the total booking free of charge.

Things you should know about this offer:

1) This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
2) This offer can be removed at anytime without notice
3) This offer is only valid for DHL bookings into Europe.
4) Claims will be subject to a £15 Administration Fee
5) This offer does not cover delayed shipments
6) You cannot use this offer to part cover your consignment. You must make sure the total value of your consignment is covered.
7) Claims must be made within 72 hours of parcel being delivered or after 72hrs after the parcel should have been delivered.
8) This offer does not cover any losses or damage to listed prohibited items.
9) We may require to physically see damaged items or require photo evidence of proof.
10) Successful claims with be paid within 28 days of approval.