If you require assistance please have a look at the below frequently asked questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for please give us a call or email us at

1) What’s the cut of time each day for guaranteed same day collection?
When you put your postcode in the quote tool you will be quoted on the following page of the cut off times.

2) What’s the maximum size parcel you can carry?
The price quote allows for any one side of the parcel to go up to 60cm in length width or height. If you have a larger parcel we can still accommodate please email us for a price.

3) What weight do you go by?
We go by the heaviest weight. Our volume metric calculation is L x W x H divide by 5000.

4) Can I send to PO BOX?
No, we do not delivery to PO Boxes for both our UK and International parcels. You will be charged at full wait so please do not book your parcel.

5) I cannot print my Customs declaration document. Can I still send my parcel?
We require a pro-forma or commercial invoice signed by the consignee therefore we would require you to print these prior to sending. Any parcel without these will be held and additional charges my apply.

6) What if I get my weight or dimensions wrong?
We know people make mistake and if you do get these wrong we will continue to deliver your parcel however we reserve the right to collect additional payment automatically.

7) Who is responsible for customs clearance?
You or the Addressee are responsible for any and all customs charge. This includes any penalties for incorrect deceleration.

8) What level of compensation is included when I send a parcel?
A complimentary level of cover to the value of £25.00GBP is included. If you require more please ensure you purchase prior to the collection of your parcel.

9) How much is additional Cover for my parcel?
We charge of 2% of the total value of the parcel for additional cover.

10) What’s the maximum cover I can apply.
We cover up to £10,000. Up to this value it is at the discretion of the company to offer this cover.

11) What’s the maximum cover I can apply.
We cover up to £10,000. Up to this value it is at the discretion of the company to offer this cover.

12) What can I not send?
Hazardous, combustible, or explosive materials
Munitions of war
Firearms (or parts thereof)
Narcotic drugs
Pornographic materials
Precious metals and gemstones
Counterfeit goods
Paper currency, coins, credit cards, and cheques
Perfumes, deodorant
Fine arts
Foodstuffs and other perishable items
Live or dead animals
Human organs and remains
Wines and/or spirits
Non-approved awkward freight
This list is not limited and we reserve the right to change this list or refuse to carry items without notice.